About us

UpGarm provides a consolidated marketplace for reworked fashion, handcrafted by talented artisans. UpGarm enables responsible consumption by dismantling traditional linear models of consumption and championing circularity. The future of fashion.


UpGarm hosts emerging artisans, who are doing things the right way. We work closely with artisans to build a strong community of visionaries, all striving for change. We believe fashion should be playful and enable the expression of individualism, without costing the world. UpGarm redefines luxury.

Welcome to the best-kept secret in fashion.


Photos: @patient_z_lab

Core values




Respect our planet 

At UpGarm, we aim to capture the unharnessed value of unworn, unwanted and damaged garments. We encourage people to be creative, reinvent more and waste less.


We do not claim to be sustainable, as we believe this claim can only be made when every aspect of your operations is perfect. However, we certainly pride ourselves on being responsible and we are continuously striving to move closer to sustainability. 


Embrace uniqueness 

The world would be a boring place if everything and everyone was the same. At UpGarm we see the beauty in the uniqueness of our people, artisans, buyers and the pieces sold on UpGarm. Buying and creating pieces that are one-of-a-kind or bespoke allows this expression of individualism that we love and admire. 


Be disruptive

At UpGarm, we recognise that ‘old’ ways of doing things are not always the best, and every once and a while a shakeup is needed. We believe the fashion industry is certainly due theirs and we are pioneering this change by dismantling the traditional linear model of consumption, redefining the new meaning of luxury and reshaping the consumer attitude from quantity to quality. 


Photo: @re_considered